Chinese Logistics

Over the last decade Chinese firms and brands have penetrated the world market. More recently also the European market. Brands like Lenovo, Haier, MSI and Huawei can now be found in the European stores. China is no longer only the production location for Western companies, like Philips or Siemens.

With this development the management of the supply chains of products from China to Europe is no longer in European hands.

How will the Chinese organize their supply chains? The recent ownership of Parchim airport (Germany) by a Chinese logistic service provider and the concession to operate and expand the container terminal at Piraeus (Greece) by COSCO (China) are facts, which might have impact on the existing logistic structures.

What will be the consequences for the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the Dutch national airport of Schiphol in the near future?

Little is known about these consequences, as is the extent of the expected impact on the Benelux as a logistical hub and the EU as a whole.

BIVEC wants to be a stimulating network for sharing knowledge on this theme. Suggestions for focused research on implications for parties in the logistics area can be developed.

If you have any information, you would like to share on this theme, please let me know and it can be placed on this site.

I hope this website will contribute to a better understanding of the impact of the developments in China on the logistics in the BENELUX and Europe as a whole.

Ton van den Hanenberg
vice president BIVEC-GIBET

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Seminar Chinese logistics in Europe 


On the 6th of April 2011 in the afternoon (13:00 - 17:30) a seminar took place on the topic Chinese logistics in Europe. This was the second seminar on this theme, organised by the Benelux Interuniversity Association of Transport Researchers. Location: Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences - Academieplein