BIVEC-GIBET Transport Chair

The BIVEC-GIBET Transport Chair awards an individual who has made an important scientific contribution and/or significant social merits related to transport and mobility within Europe. The chair is awarded every two years. The first recipient (in 2012) was professor David Banister (University of Oxford). The second recipient (in 2014) was professor Jonas Eliasson (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)). The 2016 laureate was professor Alan C. McKinnon (Kuehne Logistics University, Hamburg). More details can be found following the links bellow.

2016: Low Carbon Freight Transport in a Climate-Changed World - Prof. Alan McKinnon

2014Towards an efficient and sustainable transport system: the role of transport policy analysis - Prof. Jonas Eliasson

2012The Sustainable Mobility Paradigm - Prof. David Banister